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Chew-proof hose lives up to its name...

My 70 lb. puppy with jaws that never stop (last hose was found in 6" pieces throughout the yard) stays as far away as possible from the new metal beast (i.e. Armadillo hose) in our yard. You know I love it! ...and so do my plants.

K. E.
Clearlake, CA


Customer says his search is over...

I've been searching the internet for this hose every month for the past two years. My current 75 foot "industrial grade," expensive, rubber hose contains approximately eight metal unions or ends (at $8 a piece). Its current length is 34 feet and now very expensive per unit length.

I live in rural Arizona on a small spread where the rabbits continuously chew through my heavy rubber hoses to get at the water inside. I've tried all the rabbit deterrents. They don't work.

I searched the internet yet again and found your site and ordered an Armadillo 50 footer for testing purposes. Your hose is totally rabbit proof and the coyotes don't even try. You guys have a great product. I'll be ordering several more longer lengths soon. I just wanted you to know how well this product fulfilled my doubting expectations. Good job!

Bruce H.


A satisfied customer writes...

We purchased an Armadillo hose…and I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the product. We got a dog this year and found that he liked to chew on our garden hose and hose ends. This was very frustrating as we were constantly buying repair hose ends and losing sections of the hose to cut enough off of the damaged hose to install a new repair end. It wasn’t always practical to put the hose away to keep it from him so our repairs were constant. That is until we changed to the Armadillo hose.

The materials used to make the Armadillo hose are first rate. The metal ends are perfect for all of our sprinklers. [They] don’t disconnect from the sprinkler as happened with the plastic end hoses we used to use. The metal housing is flexible and rolls up for easy storage when we need it. Also, the dog doesn’t want to chew on the hose like he had done with our other hoses. I especially like the grips on the ends that make hand watering comfortable on those occasions when you want to sit in the lawn chair and water the grass and trees with a hand nozzle.

I can see how beneficial this hose would be for a ranch or farm with large animals that might step on a hose lying on the ground. This is a wonderful idea and we are grateful that we got one. It has saved us from several headaches.

Thank you very much,

R. & M. Pribble
Arvada, CO


Expensive, but extremely well made and sturdy...

Finding quality garden hoses has been a challenge for me. We have a couple of high-quality rubber 25' and 50' foot hoses, but wanted a 5-6' extension hose so that water from the yard faucet on the side of the house was splashing down near the foundation.

However, every "extension hose" (i.e., 10' or less) I found were cheap: usually made of vinyl, and would kink almost automatically. What I wanted was something that would last through this summer, and for at least several summers to come.

When I came across the 6' Armadillo hose, I was hesitant to buy it. I don't really need a reinforced metal hose that's chew-proof, or would be good in over 120-degree heat. (Heaven forbid we get that in Seattle!) But it did look sturdy, so I decided to buy one and see what it was like.

In short, it's excellent. Besides being sturdy (I expect to have this extension hose working for at least 10 years), it's extremely flexible, easy to grasp. More importantly, it has the *best* connectors I've ever encountered in a hose. No leaking whatsoever -- and with soaker hoses connected to it, that's been a problem even with our quality rubber hoses. (Minor note: the connector comes with a rubber O-ring; you'll need to push it in to more firmly seat it before it will work without leaking.)

We are *very* satisfied with this hose. We don't have a need for a longer hose where we live, but I plan to buy a couple more of these 6' Armadillo hoses for the other faucets we have in our yard.

Jeffrey W. Meyer
Seattle, WA

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